1917 Signet Ring


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Designed in-house by The Godfather himself, each of these 925 Sterling Silver rings are handcrafted by a master jeweler who liked the ring so much he made an extra one which he wears personally. This 1917 Signet Ring is dipped in Black Rhodium—the most expensive plating technique—to help resist tarnishing. Black Rhodium also gives the ring a dull finish which makes this beautiful piece a subtle and soft statement for any occasion and style. 
Lox’s 1917 Signet Ring features two crossed Mark I Trench Knives surrounded by barbed wire. On each side is a poppy flower representing remembrance and hope. Both the knives and the poppies rest upon a “bed of mud and dirt” acknowledging the pain and discomfort of the American Doughboy and his allies during WWI.
This signet ring is a humble piece (not loud and boisterous) of precious metal that gives a subtle presence on the wearer’s hand, but offers a bold tribute to those who suffered and sacrificed in Flanders Fields.
• Handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver
• Dipped in Black Rhodium
• Made in Ephesus
• Lox and Company Designed
• Features Inside Engraving
• Limited Stock