Fortis Bellator Cuff

Fortis Bellator Cuff

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“Fortis” [Latin]: valiant, strong, courageous, steadfast

“Bellator” [Latin]: fighter, warrior, soldier

We thought it fitting and appropriate to stamp this insignia and motto directly into German Silver as a nod to our American Doughboy forefathers (and their allies) who fought in the trenches during World War 1 against the Hun back in 1918. The Mark 1 Trench Knife pierced through the heart of a spade makes up the centerpiece of this beautifully handcrafted metal cuff. This piece pays homage to every American who takes a stand against authoritarian oppression—no matter what day and age they live in. Yes, that means today too. True Americans will always fight for freedom.

• Handcrafted in USA
• German Silver (contains copper, nickel, zinc)
• “Fortis Bellator”: Valiant Fighter
• Mark 1 Trench Knife & Spade
• One size fits most

Note: Those with metal allergies may be sensitive to some of the elements in this cuff.

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