The Continental Collection Set


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“How many buttons?”
“How about the lining?”
There are many Sharp Savages out there—if you’re reading this, then more than likely you’re one yourself. In this collection, Lox & Company aims to pay tribute to one of the more renown Sharp Savages—Mr. John Wick. He is a man of style and savagery. Says Lucas Mosca, Mr. Wick’s personal tailor, “I wanted to keep the outfits clean and simple. That way, the little touch of a cufflink or tie bar would really pop.” He also adds that “…most of [his] suits are actually dark shades of grey.” We’ve taken this intel, along with our study on John Wick, and put together this simple yet killer collection of Savage accessories. Each piece has been intentionally designed and each supplier carefully considered and chosen to bring you Sharp quality and Savage performance.

The Continental Collection Set Features:
♠️ Para Bellum Buckle Belt
♠️ Baba Yaga Necktie
♠️ Si Vis Pacem Tie Bar
♠️ When In Rome Cufflinks w/ Cufflink Adapters
♠️ Combat Collar Bar

Stay Sharp. Stay Savage.® Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum.