About Team Lox

Established in 2016, we started out as Lox Hair Wax Company, LLC. with just one product, Battle Wax Hair & Beard Pomade. The Godfather, Miz, Dave, Ramp 21, however you know him, took the first pomade he ever made and tossed it in the trash. “It was as hard as a brick”, he said later. But that didn’t keep him from accomplishing his American dream. After tweaking the recipe, he perfected Lox’s very first pomade. It remains our number one top seller today.

But despite causing a big stir in the grooming market, Miz had no intention of stopping there. His true desires for the company expand far beyond grooming. We are more than a grooming company. We are building a brand and a lifestyle for Sharp Savages everywhere who have a never quit attitude and refuse to give up when the the going gets tough.

The Lox Train always has room for one more so jump on board and join us as we continue to turn heads and cause ripples in the culture around us. We know people are watching. People are talking. Lox and Company, LTD. is here to stay.

Dressing one’s best for battle dates all the way back to before the American Civil War. Some soldiers would be known to carry two pairs of their entire uniform with them when they traveled—one for marching and one for fighting. It’s where the term “Battle Dress Uniform” is derived. These Sharp Savages fought with honor, slicked back hair, and desired to embrace glorious death dressed to the nines for each engagement.

Fast forward to today, Lox and Company, LTD. continues to place a high value on dressing sharp and fighting like a savage. Is it because we are veteran owned and operated? Maybe. Is it because we all pack pistols and pomade in our EDC? That has something to do with it too. Maybe we just admire the John Wicks, James Bonds, Kingsman, Untouchables, and the likes. And maybe we value what it takes to look Sharp and be Savage, no matter the occasion.

All of our grooming products are handmade with all natural ingredients in small batches. They’re simply the best there is—your hair, beard, body and skin will affirm that after you’ve tried them. Our apparel is all designed here at Lox with intentions to embody the American fighting spirit and never quit attitude. So whether you have hair, a beard, both, or neither, Lox and Company, LTD. has something for you. Perhaps it’s a pomade, tattoo salve, beard oil, or aftershave balm. Or maybe you dig one of our graphic tees designed with Lox’s original epic artwork. Or just maybe you fancy a pair of cufflinks, flat cap, tie, and tie bar to go with your pistol-packing 3-piece suit.

Lox and Company, LTD. An American company. Stay Sharp. Stay Savage.®

“On behalf of Team Lox, I’d like to thank you for stopping by. It’s my mission to provide you with the highest standard of craftsmanship in our products and apparel and to serve you with humility all while reflecting our core values.”

Founder and CEO
Lox and Company, LTD.