Frequently Asked Questions

Lox and Company FAQ — Your Savage Style Guide

If you’re new to the realm of all-natural grooming products — specifically the ones we offer here at Lox — then it’s normal to have some questions. Lots of people are used to the way chemical-filled, water-based products perform. But with a little knowledge (and some practice) on your side, you can start rocking your new favorite Lox products with ease. 

We’ve divided this FAQ into three sections. Feel free to jump ahead if you’re interested in a specific topic. With that out of the way, let’s dive right in!

  • Hair Products

  • Facial Hair Products

  • Body Products


Hair Products

We handcraft our grooming products with high-quality, all-natural ingredients, giving them their distinctive texture and performance. But with only natural ingredients, you might be a little confused when you open your first tin or jar. Here are some answers to our most common questions to help you start looking Sharp and Savage!

Why choose all-natural pomade?

This is the question our founder, The Godfather (aka Miz) first asked himself before starting Lox and Company, LTD. All the chemical-filled products he got in stores were giving him dandruff, drying out his scalp, staying in his hair after showering, and turning his pillow yellow (any of this sound familiar to you?). Enough was enough, and The Godfather started making his own pomade. The rest is history.

Thankfully, you don’t have to start a company to feel good about what you’re putting in your hair. Our pomades use all-natural ingredients that are actually good for your hair and scalp. Over time, your skin will feel more nourished, and your hair may start to feel stronger. It’s amazing what you’ll experience when you ditch the chemicals and start using hair products the way nature intended.

How much pomade should I use?

A little goes a long way, but the exact amount you use will depend on your hair. We recommend starting with a dime-sized amount. Break it down in your hands (rub it until your hands are shiny and there are no more visible solids), and then apply it to your hair. 

Start small, because you can always apply more if need be. You may need a couple of days to get to know the product and understand how your specific hair-type responds to it. Here’s a video on this topic if you’d like to learn more!

What happens if my pomade got left in the sun?

Our pomades are heat-sensitive. In colder temperatures, they’re quite hard to the touch. But the opposite is also true — they soften at warmer temperatures. If you leave your pomade in the sun (or on top of a heater, near a fireplace, or some other heat source), it may get too soft and appear to be ruined. Fear not — all you have to do is let it re-harden at cooler temperatures, and you’ll be able to continue using it. 

You may experience diminished textures as a result of the softening and re-hardening process. Please be careful with where you keep your pomade!

My pomade is gritty — is this normal?

Yes, you may notice a subtle “gritty” texture in our pomades and some of our other products due to the all-natural ingredients. All you have to do is break the product down in your hands by rubbing your palms together. The friction will warm up the product, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll be left with a shiny, smooth consistency that is ready to be applied to your hair!

How do I wash out pomade from my hair?

Simply wet your hair with warm or hot water in the shower, apply shampoo like you normally would, and rinse it out. It’s as easy as that!

Looking for the perfect shampoo that’s all-natural yet tough enough to get all that pomade out of your hair? Give this one a try

My pomade isn’t washing out easily. Is this bad for my scalp?

Depending on how much pomade you use (and if you’ve let it build up over the course of a few days), you may need to repeat the above process. Also, make sure you’re using hot water, as this can help soften the pomade in your hair. 

But rest assured, leaving Lox pomade in your hair is totally safe for your scalp. In fact, our pomades moisturize and nourish your scalp thanks to the all-natural ingredients used in their formulation.

Some of your products include volcanic ash. What’s that all about?

Volcanic ash is just a Savage way of saying “bentonite clay,” which may sound more familiar. We use volcanic ash to achieve a lower sheen (matte finish) in some of our grooming products. 

What’s the shelf-life of your pomades?

Our pomades last one to two years with no issue, but they can last much longer under the right conditions. Some Sharp Savages have pomades from three or more years ago, and they’re still good!

You have a lot of options. Which hair product is right for me?

We recommend experimenting with various products to find the perfect one for you and the hairstyle you’re trying to achieve. That said, here are some helpful tips to steer you in the right direction:

  • Sheen: “Sheen” refers to how shiny your hair will be after applying the product. It ranges from low-sheen (matte) to high-sheen (very shiny). It’s all a matter of preference, depending on your desired look.

  • Hold: A pomade’s hold is how strong it is when styling your hair. Are you looking for that slicked-back hairstyle with every follicle held in place? Want a messier, more casual look that is more about texture than hold? Find the right hold for you, from classic and medium all the way up to strong. 

  • Hair type: What type of hair do you have? Is it thick and heavy? Long? Short? Thin? Take that into consideration when choosing the product that’s right for you. For instance, Sea salt sprays are perfect for long-haired Savages, while strong-hold pomades are ideal for people with shorter or medium-length hair wanting to look sharp with every hair held in place. 

Be sure to read our product descriptions, as they are full of helpful information to let you know whether a product is right for you!


Facial Hair Products

Your facial hair is an extension of your personality. Whether you’ve crafted a bold and rugged beard or are nurturing the perfect mustache, making sure you have the right products on your side is crucial. Here are some answers to our most-asked questions about our facial hair products.

Beard oil or beard butter — which one is right for me?

Both products nourish and moisturize your beard and skin, helping your facial hair look and feel its absolute best. But the product you choose will come down to preference, as well as some other factors. 

Beard butter is susceptible to melting at higher temperatures, so we recommend using beard oil during the summer or whenever you’re traveling in case your grooming kit experiences higher temperatures in transit. 

That said, the texture of our beard butters is so smooth and creamy, you might get addicted to using it. Beard oil, on the other hand, is a liquid and only requires a few drops at a time — which is still satisfying, just in a different way. Our recommendation? Try them both, and see which one you enjoy the most!

Can I use leftover beard butter in my hair?

Yep! Our beard butters contain zero beeswax, allowing them to double as a hair conditioner and body lotion, too. If you have extra beard butter on your hands after applying to your beard, feel free to rub it anywhere else you want some extra moisturizing power!

The ‘Stache Wax is really hard. How do I apply it?

We use pine resin in our ‘Stache Waxes, so yeah — they’re pretty hard, and you’d better believe they have a strong hold for taming even the most stubborn mustache hairs. To apply, try keeping your ‘Stache Wax in your pocket — your body heat will gently soften the stick to make it easier to apply. Then, scoop a small amount from the tin and apply to your mustache (or apply directly if you’re using a ‘Stache Wax Stick). It might take some practice, but you’ll love the results!

What’s the best time of year for using beard butter?

Beard butter is notorious for melting during the shipping process in the hot summer months. It’s still available for purchase during the summer, but we strongly recommend ordering beard butters in the fall, winter, and spring. 


Body Products

Here at Lox, we’ve got all the body products you need to stay Sharp and Savage — naturally. Let’s answer some questions you might be asking!

Why should I use all-natural lotions from Lox?

Everyone has to stay moisturized — you might as well do it with the peace of mind that every ingredient is 100% all-natural. Plus, our all-natural lotions smell fantastic. You’ll have to try them all to pick your favorite!

Our all-natural lotions are also extremely versatile. Use them to brighten and protect your tattoos or as soothing aftershave balms. Trust us — you won’t be disappointed!

What’s so great about Lox and Company’s all-natural deodorants?

Where to begin? Natural deodorants from Lox are aluminum-free and consist of only natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. What you put under your arms will absorb into your skin, so it’s crucial to make sure you’re using products you can trust. 

And if you’re looking for the best deodorant scents on the market, then we got you covered. Give them all a try and see why so many people across the country are switching to our natural deodorants!


Do you have a question that’s not on this list?

Reach out to us with your question, and we’ll be happy to promptly respond with an answer! Simply shoot us a message on our contact page — it’s as easy as that. Or, you can do some research yourself on our blog, where we do our best to dive deeper into the topics that matter most to you. 

If we answered your question, then be sure to pick up your next Lox grooming product today! And as always, remember —

Stay Sharp. Stay Savage.®