Stay Moisturized This Fall — The Best Lip Balms and Lotions

Stay Moisturized This Fall — The Best Lip Balms and Lotions

Posted by Lox & Company on Sep 20th 2023

Fall has officially arrived. And while many people prefer autumn over summer because of the cooler temperatures and harvest-themed festivities, there’s one negative most people can all agree on — fall weather means chapped lips and dry, cracking hands.

Some people get it worse than others, but getting dry lips and hands this time of year seems to be an experience that most people share, to some degree. But this shouldn’t get in the way of all the fun you could be having this fall!

Thankfully, we’ve developed a solution to this phenomenon. But before we get to it, we need to tackle the first question that many have thought but few have asked. Why do lips and hands get dry in the fall, anyway?

Why Do Lips and Hands Get Dry in the Fall?

Everyone wants smooth, moisturized skin and lips. Turns out, this is much easier to achieve in the summer months due to warmer temperatures and greater humidity in the air. Once the weather starts cooling off in the fall, the humidity drops, leading to dry skin and chapped lips. In other words, there’s less moisture in the air during the autumn months, which means your skin is naturally missing out on the natural benefits of summer’s higher humidity levels.

Another reason people get dry skin and lips when fall hits is specifically a response to colder temperatures. You want to stay warm and cozy as the weather gets chillier, so you start heating your home again and perhaps take hotter showers than you were just a few weeks before. Well, heating your home decreases the humidity indoors, and hot showers tend to dry out your skin.

It seems like there’s no way to win against chapped lips and dry skin! But take heart, because we’ve got good news for you. There’s a way to stay nice and moisturized this fall!

The Solution — All-Natural Lip Balms and Lotions

The answer you’ve been looking for is to start using all-natural lip balms and lotions. We’re specifically saying “all-natural,” because we’d never recommend using cheap, chemical-filled solutions that are all too common these days. Many of these products contain irritants and chemicals that have no business being in a product that is supposed to soothe and hydrate you. And when it comes to lip balms, they can often taste straight-up nasty.

So what’s so good about all-natural lip balms and lotions? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Better ingredients: All-natural products use ingredients that are gentle on your body, like beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E — no harsh chemicals involved.
  • Better experience: Have you ever used a lotion or a lip balm, and it just didn’t feel right? With all-natural products, you can have a much better experience and more peace of mind knowing they’re actually working to moisturize your skin and lips. Plus, all-natural lip balms can taste really good, depending on the flavor!
  • Better results: When it comes to all-natural products vs. chemical-filled ones, the results speak for themselves. After transitioning to all-natural lip balms and lotions, you’ll notice better results right away!

Once you’re ready to make the switch to all-natural products to stay moisturized this fall, all that’s left to do is pick the right products. And guess what? We’ve got you totally covered.

Lox & Company’s Lip Balms and Lotions for Staying Moisturized This Fall

We’re passionate about helping people stay Sharp and Savage — and that means taking care of your body and being mindful of the types of products you’re using. To help you stay moisturized this fall, we have a wide variety of all-natural lip balms and lotions to choose from.

All-Natural Lip Balms

At Lox, we do lip balm differently. Lip Lox™ isn’t your average lip balm, as it’s made with all-natural ingredients that will help your lips stay moisturized, feel great, and stay protected from cold air’s bite.

We have several different flavors to choose from, including an “unscented” flavor if you want something more traditional. If you’re more on the daring side and like variety, then you should definitely check out our Lip Lox™ Limited, which features a different flavor every month that you can never try again once a new month starts!

All-Natural Lotions

It has been said that variety is the spice of life. We couldn’t agree more — that’s why we offer various all-natural lotions to suit a variety of preferences and purposes. The good news is that you can’t go wrong with whatever type you pick. They’re all made with natural ingredients that will nourish your skin, brighten your tattoos, and leave your skin feeling soft and healthy all fall (and all year) long. Oh, and they all smell absolutely fantastic, too.

BONUS: Protect Your Skin and Stay Warm With the Perfect Sweatshirt, Hoodie, or Pullover

The beginning of the fall season is the perfect opportunity to improve your wardrobe game with the perfect hoodie or sweatshirt from Lox. We’re always coming out with new threads to help you look Sharp and Savage, and we’ve got plenty of great color options to choose from, too. Whether you plan on sitting around a campfire with friends, going for a crisp morning jog, or just chilling around the house, you’ll love wearing a Lox hoodie or sweatshirt while doing it!

And it’s not just about looks, either. Wearing the right clothing for the season is essential in protecting your delicate skin. So cover up when it starts getting chilly — and do it in style with one of our offerings!

Get Ready for Fall With Lox & Company!

You can’t stop the changing of the seasons, but you can make sure you’re ready for the crisp days ahead with the help of all-natural products from Lox & Company! Now’s the best time to stock up on all-natural lip balm, our amazing all-natural lotions, or one of our cozy yet stylish hoodies or sweatshirts. You can also browse all our products on our website to find the perfect items you’ve been looking for to reach your grooming goals.

But above all, remember to stay Sharp and Savage this fall season!