Mastering the Slick: The Best Pomades for Slicked Back Hair

Mastering the Slick: The Best Pomades for Slicked Back Hair

Posted by Lox & Company on Dec 22nd 2023

Welcome to the battleground of style, where the slicked-back look reigns supreme. It's more than just a hairstyle; it's a symbol of precision and authority. In this world, the right pomade isn't just a choice—it's a statement.

You're not looking for just any product; you're in the market for a tool that works as hard as you do. A tool that keeps every hair in lock-step without breaking a sweat. This is where we set the bar: your hair, your rules, but with the right gear to back it up.

Here, we cut through the noise and the grease to guide you to the best pomades for that classic, slicked-back look. We understand that your time is valuable and your style non-negotiable. So, let's focus on what really matters: quality, efficiency, and results.

We're not just reviewing pomades but showcasing allies in your daily conquest of excellence. From the commanding hold to the subtle sheen, these are the tools you need in your arsenal. So, gear up and get ready. Your journey to the ultimate slicked-back style begins now. No fuss, no mess—just pure, undiluted style at your command. Welcome to the sharp side!

The Art of Slicked-Back Hair

Alright, let's dive straight into the thick of it. Slicked-back hair isn't just a style; it's an art form, a nod to the classics while making a clear statement in the modern world. This look has stood the test of time and for a good reason. It's sharp, it's sleek, and it says you mean business without uttering a single word.

First things first, understanding the slicked-back hair game is about recognizing its roots. Originating from a desire for neatness and control, this style has been sported by icons of every era. And now, it's your turn to carry the torch.

The key to nailing this look is in the preparation. It starts with clean, well-maintained hair. A quality shampoo and conditioner lay the groundwork for what's to come. Once you've got the clean slate, it's all about the application. You're not slathering on pomade; you're strategically styling with precision. The technique is everything whether you're going for the glossy mobster look of the '30s or a more subdued, matte finish.

Now, the artistry comes in with your choice of pomade. Not all are created equal. The right pomade for your hair type and desired look is like choosing the right weapon for battle. It can make or break your style. And when you find that perfect match, it's like the stars align. Your hair stays put, looking effortlessly styled all day, no matter what life throws at you.

So, as we dissect the art of slicked-back hair, remember: it's more than just pushing your hair back. It's about carrying a legacy, mastering a look that's been revered for generations, and doing so with the best tools at your disposal. Stay tuned as we break down these tools and how to use them to keep your style sharp, sleek, and unmistakably you. Stay Sharp. Stay Savage.®

What Makes a Great Pomade?

In the quest for the slickest of slick-backs, not just any tub of goo will do. You need the right pomade, the kind that sets the standard for excellence. But what separates the best from the rest? Let's break it down, no fluff, all substance.

Hold and Control: The heart of any pomade is its ability to keep your hair exactly where you want it. Whether you're after a strong hold for a look that doesn't budge or something more flexible for a style that moves with you, the hold is king. A great pomade doesn't stiffen up and desert you mid-day; it stays loyal, maintaining that perfect shape from dawn till dusk.

Shine Factor: Shine is where personal preference takes the stage. Some gents prefer a high gloss finish that catches the light, a nod to the classic dapper gent. Others opt for a matte look, understated yet equally refined. The best pomades offer a range of shine options, catering to every style under the sun.

Scent: Never underestimate the power of a good scent. Your pomade should smell as good as it looks, offering a subtle fragrance that complements, not overpowers. It's the finishing touch that leaves a lasting impression.

Washability: At the end of the day, a great pomade knows when to hold on and when to let go. It should wash out easily, leaving no residue or regrets. Your hair's health is paramount, and a top-notch pomade respects that, offering a stronghold without the harsh chemicals.

Ultimately, a great pomade isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling invincible. It's about stepping out the door knowing your hair is locked, loaded, and ready for whatever comes your way. So arm yourself with the best, and never settle for less. Stay sharp, stay savage, and let your hair do the talking.

Product Spotlight - Lox and Company's Finest

In the arsenal of style, Lox and Company brings the heavy artillery. Each product is a testament to quality and performance, designed for the modern man (or woman) who demands the best. Let's dive into the specifics of these standout pomades:

Battle Wax Hair & Beard Pomade:

March into the fray with Battle Wax, a masterful blend of organic Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and local Beeswax. This isn't your average pomade; it's a declaration of durability and style, offering a medium sheen and classic hold. Infused with Vanilla and Lime High Grade Essential Oils, it's designed to command both hair and beards with an all-natural, non-greasy formula. Battle Wax is a tribute to tradition, handcrafted for the modern warrior.

Wardaddy Wax Clay Slick Pomade:

Enter the theater of daily combat with Wardaddy Wax, the first in the Allied Invasion Collection. It's a stronghold of natural ingredients like Local Beeswax, Castor Seed Oil, and Bentonite Clay, delivering a potent hold with a medium sheen. Unlike its petroleum-based ancestors, Wardaddy is all-natural and washes out without a fuss. It's the best clay slick pomade, scented with a bold blend of Wild Blackberry, Cedar War Chest, and more, ready to hold the line from dawn till dusk.

Wild Huntress Pomade:

Unleash the spirit of the wild with Wild Huntress, Lox's tribute to the women who dare to define their own style. With a versatile arsenal of Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E, this pomade offers a classic hold and medium sheen. Scented with an exotic concoction of Wild Raspberry, Patchouli, Iced Pineapple, and a dash of Cinnamon, it's designed to tame, nourish, and embolden. Wild Huntress is not just a product; it's a call to arms for every woman ready to make her mark with soft, strong, and unmistakably wild hair.

Each of these products is crafted with the commitment and quality that Lox and Company is known for. Whether it's the adaptability of Battle Wax, the shine of Wardaddy Wax, or the natural touch of Wild Huntress, these pomades are designed to elevate your style to the ranks of the Sharp Savage. Choose your weapon, style with precision, and prepare to make your mark.


As you venture forward, remember that Lox and Company's pomades are more than mere grooming products; they are your stalwart companions in achieving that unbeatable, slicked-back style. Each stroke of pomade is a stroke of genius, transforming your look into a statement of sheer elegance and determination. So wield your pomade with pride and let every hair fall into place with purpose. With these tools of the trade, your journey to impeccable style is not just assured—it's already in motion. Stay Sharp. Stay Savage.® …and let your hair do the talking.

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