Tour of Duty

You don't have to be a service member to enjoy these styling creams, but you do have to be a patriot. This collection pays tribute to 5 of our traditional major service branches. As with all of our products, each jar is adorned with original Lox artwork which makes these jars collectibles--once the styling cream is gone you'll want to reuse these jars for holding other items!
Now in LARGER 4oz GLASS JARS these styling creams are soft and light and will conditioncontrol, and hydrate your hair and beard. Use them as a standalone product or pair them with our Classic Pomades! PLUS: The collection set comes with a FREE comb and a specially designed box!
Collect the whole set of Lox's Tour of Duty Collection and represent American military history:
U.S. Coast Guard Shipmate Swagger
U.S. Air Force Sky High Slick
U.S. Marine Corps Leatherneck Luster
U.S. Navy Peacoat Polish
U.S. Army D Day Dapper


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