Lox & Company, LTD. - Black


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This tee is Loxman standard issue. It comes in Vintage Black, Vintage Red, and Vintage Navy. When you wear this you represent an All-American company and we really appreciate you doing that. I, The Godfather (founder of Lox), am a firm believer in knowing what a company stands for before fully supporting them. You should know that I don’t take my beliefs lightly. In fact, I have been forced out of military service for not bending the knee to an authoritarian regime. Our founding fathers had a slogan when they were oppressed by the tyrant King George. It went like this: “NO KING BUT JESUS.” It’s actually inspired one of our Core Values. I’ll list them below so that you know us better. All are welcome aboard the Lox Train. Get on board or get out of the way.

♠ Love for Country
♠ Service to The King
♠ Habitual Sharpness
♠ Pride in our American Heritage