Loxman Newsboy Cap

Loxman Newsboy Cap

Was: $47.95
Now: $28.77

Lox & Company, LTD. has collaborated with Hanna Hats of Donegal LTD, a third generation family business to bring you this finely handcrafted cap. Made by hand in Ireland with 100% pure new wool, these woven peaked caps are as authentic as they come. 

This Loxman Newsboy Cap is a traditional eight piece, full bodied cap made with handwoven Harris Tweed wool.  This cap features a stud fastener on the peak and a button on the crown. Designed in a remarkable grey herringbone pattern it will instantly transform any bloke into a stylish Sharp Savage. 

Size Chart:

  1. Measure your head with a tape measure at the widest point which is just above your eyebrows or ears.
  2. Mark the measurement in either centimeters or inches.
  3. Use the following size chart to determine the proper size for the cap you will order.


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