Operation Overtake

Lox and Company, Ltd. is on a mission to get a Lox Dealer in all 50 states and we want YOU to join forces with us to help accomplish this task!
In return, you will earn store credit at Lox and have a chance to win prizes from our Allies!

Here’s the overview: Successfully refer a NEW LOX DEALER and you will automatically earn $50 store credit to Lox and Company, Ltd. AND get entered for a chance to win a prize from our Allies.
Each successful referral means more store credit and another entry!

How to successfully refer a new Lox Dealer:
♠ Write down your name and email address on this Savage Referral Card (printable PDF) and give it to your barber, coffee shop owner, gun store dealer, tattoo artist, or anyone you think would benefit from becoming a Lox Dealer (we even have a grocery store as a Lox Dealer, no joke!).

♠ Then tell them to contact us to receive a FREE SAMPLE! We'll tell them the great perks of being a Lox Dealer, and if they decide to join then you will earn $50 store credit to Lox IMMEDIATELY!

-> Click Here to Submit Your Referral! <-

♠ In addition, you will also be entered for a chance to win from a number of prizes and/or store credit for one of our Allies!
♠ Each successful referral means another $50 store credit to Lox and another entry into the drawing--there are no limits!
♠ At the completion of Operation Overtake we will draw the winners and contact them via email with their winnings.

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