The Public Enemy Set

The Public Enemy Set

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This special edition pomade and lotion duo pays homage to a pair of lawmen who remain some of the greatest American heroes who ever lived--Frank Hamer and Maney Gault. Made famous in the Netflix Original movie The Highwayman, Hamer and Gault give way to one of the most notorious manhunts ever to take place on American soil. Of course, what is a courageous duo without a bad pair of desperados?? Bonnie and Clyde met their bitter end in the Death Car while being ambushed by those Sharp Savages, the Texas Rangers...Manos Arribas

The Public Enemy Set Includes...

¡Manos Arribas! Supreme Slick Pomade

This all natural pomade will have you completely floored when you discover it functions just like a petroleum based pomade, BUT washes out easily without having to use a gallon of dish soap! Seriously, you'll be asking us how we did it--it's that good. Strong Hold and High Sheen coupled with an amazing NEW IMPROVED FLAVOR of Smoking Gun Leather make this pomade a classic must-have in your Lox collection. Oh and don't be fooled by the missing Lox Signature Swirl--this original Lox recipe still contains all the goodness and quality that Lox & Co guarantees.

Death Car Lotion & Tattoo Brightener

This twist to a Lox original is the perfect complement to the aforementioned pomade. It's NEW IMPROVED Irish Cream Liqueur flavor will have you using this product all. day. long. 

A FREE Lox EDC Comb and FREE mini-poster!


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