6th Annual Derby Lotion

6th Annual Derby Lotion

Price: $20.00

All the derby rules apply for this limited edition derby lotion! Extremely limited quantity!

We're pleased to present to you our 6th Annual Derby Lotion, "Toasted Coconut Tattoo Salve & Body Moisturizer"!


"How do I enter the Annual Pomade Derby?"

Easy! Purchase a tin of our 6th Annual Derby Lotion and you will receive a derby ticket with your order! Boom! You're in!


"How many times can I enter the Derby?"

As many as you wish. Purchase one tin and you'll get one ticket. Purchase two tins and get two tickets! Etc, etc, etc. And yes, each pomade comes with a complimentary cool pouch!


"How long is the Derby?"

Lox and Company, LTD has made an extremely limited quantity of our 6th Annual Derby Lotion! Once the last tin is sold, the Derby is over and the winners will be selected! This will be one fast Derby so get your tins now! Once the last tin is gone, the 6th Annual Derby Lotion is gone for good...by order of the Loxmen. In 2020, we sold out in just over 16 hours, so don't drag your feet!


"What do I win?"

3 winners will be selected at random and given store credit:

  • 1st Place -- $100 store credit
  • 2nd Place -- $50 store credit
  • 3rd Place -- $25 store credit


"How do I know if I win??"

Once the last tin is sold, Lox and Company, LTD will draw the winning ticket numbers at random. The winners will be notified via email, so please ensure your email is correct when you place your order.

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