Amor Patriae Cuff

Amor Patriae Cuff

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“Amor Patriae” [Latin]: love for one’s country; patriotism

This latin motto speaks for itself, but beware of pretended patriotism in today’s day and age. If you love your country but hate where it’s headed then this cuff is for you. The Mark 1 Trench Knife pierced through the heart of a spade is stamped on the end of this beautifully handcrafted metal cuff. It’s a head nod to our American Doughboy forefathers (and their allies) who fought in the trenches during World War 1 against the Hun back in 1918. This piece pays homage to every freedom lover who takes a stand against authoritarian oppression—no matter what day and age they live in. Yes, that means today too. True Americans will always fight for freedom.

Also this cuff is made of 100% copper. If it’s good enough for the Statue of Liberty it’s good enough for us. But did you know copper has been used for thousands of years as a health benefit? Wearing copper can help with skincare, brain stimulation, even arthritis and more. This natural element is truly a benefactor.

• Handcrafted in Australia
• 100% Copper
• “amor patriae”: love for country
• Mark 1 Trench Knife & Spade
• One size fits most

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