​3 Life-Changing Reasons to Dress Dapper

If you have embraced the dapper lifestyle, you may have done so for yourself initially just to look good. You enjoy looking on point, being a sharp savage, and interacting with those who have the same mindset

There are 3 major reasons to get up every day and be debonair, other than just looking good. 

Build Your Career 

First, dressing sharp can help you build your career. 

Maybe you have that interview for a promotion within your company, or you’re branching out into a new business all together. Dressing sharp sends the message that you are disciplined and take yourself seriously. Standing out in a crowd means looking neat and orderly. You are always sending a message, and the message you want to send is that you can do things decently and in order. Dressing in this manner, you will subtly communicate to your interviewer that discipline and order is part of your character. 

Think beyond a basic interview though. 

Looking sharp everyday is important, especially if you are in a smaller community, and have a social media presence. There is a chance that your potential employer will be watching you while out and about, or researching you on your social media page to see who you are. Employers don’t just want someone who can exhibit self-discipline when they have to. They want someone who lives a disciplined lifestyle. 

Why? Because they need you to be disciplined whether or not they are watching. 

Looking dapper all the time sends a message that you take yourself and life seriously, and will be on top of things no matter who is watching.

Improve Your Health 

The second reason to dress sharp all the time is to improve your health. 

This may seem like a stretch, but I personally have experienced it. I started using Lox products when their line first launched the original Battle Wax and beard oil. After using them, I decided to get sharper haircuts. Soon after, I realized the rest of my physique didn’t match up with that sharpness. 

I wanted to look good all together, not just on my head. This lead me to start exercising and drop quite a bit of the extra weight I was carrying. While looking more trip followed weight loss, as I began to develop the sharp savage mindset, it affected my weight and my health improved. 

Improve Your Sex Appeal 

The last reason to live the dapper lifestyle is to improve your appeal to the opposite sex. 

While many guys are schlepping around in sweats and that old ratty t-shirt in public, you can stand out in the crowd, whether it be at a wedding, church, or even just running errands in town. 

Let’s be honest, the girls really do go crazy “bout a sharp-dressed man.” 

What is it about a dapper gentleman that appeals to women? 

It is in part due to the topics discussed above. A man who takes himself and his career seriously and that he desires to live a healthy lifestyle has much greater appeal than a sloppy guy who seems to be going nowhere. The women love sharp dressed dudes. 

In this instance we are not just speaking to single men looking to land Ms. Right. We also are talking to married men. We can have a tendency to let ourselves go as we age. But we all want to have that sex appeal for a lifetime with our wives. Let her be proud of the way you dress, gentlemen. Give her something to desire beyond your personality. 

Whether you want to build your career, improve your health, or enhance your sex appeal; looking dapper can be the key to unlock these aspects of your life. The sharp savage knows who he is, has confidence and discipline, and will reap the fruits of his labor in many arenas of life.

Stay Sharp. Stay Savage.