How to use Lox’s Classic  Pomades

How to use Lox’s Classic Pomades

Posted by The Godfather on Aug 1st 2021

Whether you’re a first time user of Lox’s classic pomades or a longtime Loxman, this article will be beneficial to you. Let’s dive right in.

When I created my very first pomade (in my mom’s kitchen) back before Lox Hair Wax Company was even a thought, I tossed it right in the trash. Truth is I had little idea what I was doing, but with every failure there’s an opportunity to learn and move on. So that’s what I did. The first tin of my pomade hadn’t even hit the bottom of the trash bin before I was already melting more ingredients (in my mom’s kitchen) and making notes in my recipe book. A little tweaking (and a few more trashed pomades), and I was holding the very first prototype of what would later be known as Battle Wax.

My signature swirl was mesmerizing even back then and the scent profile was vanilla and brown sugar (I suddenly have an urge for some cookies right now). The vanilla and brown sugar was, as you know, later replaced with vanilla and lime (thank Goldilox for this brilliant adjustment). This pomade was legit! I was so happy and content with what I had made I wanted to share it with everyone. So, naturally, I brought it in to work (at that time I was a corrections officer at a state prison) and handed a bunch of it out to my buddies. Hold up— this article is about how to use Lox’s pomades, not how Lox began. I digress and I’ll save the rest of this for another time. Sorry to keep you hanging, but let’s move on.

The reason I started this article in this manner is because I believe you should know a little bit of where and how this all started. You see I was a pomade collector before I created my first hair and beard product. All this to say, my collection of pomades always kept me searching for more. It just wasn’t enough. I knew I had to create my own in order to get everything I wanted in a pomade.

So if you’re purchasing a Lox Classic Pomade for the first time there are some things you need to know.

One, these pomades are not your typical water based hair gels you may be familiar with using. If you take one of our classic pomades, open the lid, and go to swipe out a gooey substance you will be in for a surprise. Allow me to

break this down (pun intended—if you know you know).

What is a classic pomade? Lox’s Classic Pomades are any of our pomades that are topped off with our Signature Swirl™. Here’s a full list of our Classic Pomades to date: Battle Wax, Summer Raid, Wild Hunt, Wild Huntress, Vixen Valor. These are much different from our Slick Poured Pomades (more on them later) such as: Manos Arribas and our best selling pomade of 2021, Wardaddy Wax.

Unlike chemical-laced, water-based hair gels, our Classic Pomades are made with quality, all natural ingredients which will condition your hair, beard, skin, and scalp. Seriously, I haven’t used a hair conditioner (other than our recently released Deep Sea Savage Conditioners) since I made my own pomade (in my mom’s kitchen) over 5 years ago. Shampoo? Of course. But I’ve never used a conditioner and my hair and scalp have never had dandruff nor have been itchy since I started using my own pomade. Trust me. Our pomades are simply the best and they’re simply the best for you.

Another thing you should know about our Classic Pomades is that they are wax based. We use local beeswax as our primary holding agent (if you’re a pomade connoisseur then you might consider these to be known as “unorthodox oil based pomades”). Before you go all “Oh no, beeswax is so hard to wash out” stick around and you’ll—you know what I’ll just say it. Our pomades WASH. OUT. WITH. EASE. No dish detergent needed (you know what I mean if you’ve ever spent $2 on a tin of oil based pomade). Simply throw some shampoo in your hair and it washes out with hardly any effort. It truly is incredible, and I was floored when I discovered this amazing aspect of our pomades (you know, before Lox was even a thing and I was making pomades in my mom’s kitchen).

Also, because they are wax based, they are temperature sensitive. That means the pomades will harden at lower (colder) temps and become more pliable as it warms. This is where some people get hung up. Have no fear! Here are some tricks and tips you can use to soften your pomade before scooping it out which help break it down nice and smooth (“break it down”—remember earlier when—never mind).

1. Warm Water: simply submerge your tin under warm water until the pomade is soft.

2. Blow Dryer: use a blow dryer to warm and soften your pomade. 

3. Pocket Trick: place your tin in your pocket for a few minutes!

4. Heater: place your tin on top of a heater for just a few minutes (don’t forget or it may melt entirely!)

Directions: Simply scoop out a small amount and rub it into your palms until shiny. Now apply evenly to hair. Start small - a little bit goes a long way; you can always add more a little at a time. Once you have pomade dispersed evenly in your hair, proceed to styling.

Well, that about wraps things up for our Classic Pomades. For our Slick Poured Pomades, these will act more like an oil-based pomade. Don’t ask us how we do it (cuz we ain’t tellin’), but these Slick Poured Pomades act just like an orthodox oil based pomade, BUT they WASH. OUT. WITH. EASE. It’s almost unbelievable, until you try it and then you’re like, “How’d they do that?!” I’ll write more about our Slick Poured Pomades in another article.

I hope you enjoy our pomades as much as we do. We’ve taken great care to create recipes that mimic the old school pomades—you know, the kind your grandaddy used to wear (and believe us—your grandaddy would have worn Lox). Our pomades will not harden in your hair, so restyling is a cinch! (Plus, your girl will love running her hands thru your hair without her hands getting “greasy”.) So whether you’re a first time user or a longtime Loxman, I trust that this has all been helpful for you. If you have any questions or just want to say hi you can email us at We love hearing from our customer base. You guys and girls are awesome. You’re what makes this all possible. OK. Gotta get back to the shop (not in my mom’s kitchen).

-Dave (aka The Godfather)

CEO & Founder

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