Interview with AJ

Lox had the chance to sit down recently with AJ and interview him for our monthly blog. We thought you’d enjoy the opportunity to “sit down with us” too and “listen in”. AJ is one of our lead managers in the sales and marketing departments. He also assists and takes lead on other various projects for Team Lox. One of his recent (and larger) projects was taking lead on redesigning our brand new website! We’re better for having him and we’re excited to share this interview with you. Now, we invite you to take a look at one of the faces aboard the Lox Train and hope you enjoy the inside look!

Lox: Hi, AJ. Thanks for sitting down with us! Let’s start off with some introductions. Tell us how old you are and what your family status is now.

AJ: I am just shy of 30 years old! Married to Tammy, with 3 kids ages 3, 2, and 0 (haha).

Lox: Congrats, again, on the newborn child! It’s seriously awesome that you are a family man. Do you have any pets?

AJ: No pets currently, but hoping for a dog again soon.

Lox: Nice, dude. We’re all dog lovers here at Lox, so I do hope you get another one soon. So how and when did you hear about Lox?

AJ: Well, I had the unpleasant experience of going to school with the founder of Lox…

Lox: (hahaha)

AJ: Joking aside, I’ve known Miz for a long time and when I had heard that he had started a company I had to check it out!

Lox: Right on. What were your initial thoughts of the company and the brand?

AJ: The company is great, except for when Miz orders too many tees. (haha) Brand is rock solid, which is one of my biggest reasons for loving it!

Lox: (haha) Ah yes, over ordering. One of the joys of logistics. So, now that you’re part of the team, what are some of the joys of working with Lox and Company, LTD.?

AJ: I love that we can work quite well, even remotely. It’s very rare that something comes up which we need to meet in person to tackle. Not that I mind that, but as a young family man it’s nice to work with someone who values and respects remote partnerships.

Lox: Awesome. I think there’s a certain level of independence and responsibility each one on the team possesses, which contributes to the success of working remotely. On that note, what are some of the challenges of working with Lox?

AJ: Biggest challenges also comes from being remote, and that is often our text-based conversations are not read the same way in which we mean them to be read. This leads to miscommunication, as well as frustration on all ends.

Lox: Oh yes. I believe that’s normal and is expected with all “text-based” comms. Overall, I’m glad we can all work through those issues. Lox and Company, LTD. just rebranded from Lox Hair Wax Company. It’s been such a huge success and super exciting! What was your favorite part about the new rebrand?

AJ: My favorite part was getting it done. Seriously, way too much work to do again.

Lox: (haha) I am so glad it’s over.

AJ: I really enjoyed the intensity that our fans brought to the table when they saw it. That made it all worth doing, honestly.

Lox: One hundred percent.

AJ: Additionally, the rebrand brought Wardaddy Wax and Bogeyman Beard Butter: Chapter 2, so that also made it all worth doing; I now use them pretty much every day!

Lox: I’m assuming those are your new favorites?

AJ: Wardaddy for my hair, Chapter 2 for my beard, and Black Diamond Salve for my tattoos.

Lox: Solid. What’s your favorite Lox apparel item?

AJ: I like the Wick tee (Prepare for War), partly for the unique artwork. I also love the Freedom Over Fear tee—we should change the shirt color and bring it back for 2021!

Lox: Prepare for War tee is sick, I concur. And, yeah, the Freedom Over Fear tee sold out TWICE. Perhaps we should bring it back! AJ, is there a connection between any of your hobbies or passions and the lifestyle brand of Lox and Company, LTD.?

AJ: I’m a Christian, and I love that Lox is vocal and proud of their Christian values. I love business, so getting to be working on the nitty-gritty of growing this company really excites me! I also am a firearms enthusiast, which Lox perfectly aligns with.

Lox: Well, AJ, Lox and Company, LTD. is proud to have you a part of the team and is super grateful for all the great work you put into making this company so awesome. Thanks, again, for sitting down with us and answering some questions! It’s been fun and I hope we can do it again.

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