Lox's Fall Picks

Summer is great. We love summer! But there’s something just really special about fall. The air gets crisp. The nights get cooler. And the colors! Oh the colors. It’s just an awesome time of year that Creation is in a wonderful mood and we get to enjoy it. Plus, there’s hunting and bonfires and football and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner—it’s just epic all around! 

We’ve put together a list of items we offer that will help you enjoy autumn to the fullest. As fellow Americans who love this time of year you can trust that we put extra care into bringing you these things in hopes that you appreciate them just as much as we do. Without further ado, here they are. 

1. The Boys of Fall

Of course, we’re going to kick off the season (pun intended) with some football themed products. The Boys of Fall Conditioners have been a long time coming. Ever since our Deep Sea Savage Conditioners, with their summertime flavors, have been released we have been asked to put out some conditioners with a fall time fragrance. These newly released conditioners do not disappoint. Their theme, inspired by one of America’s greatest athletes, commemorates Jim Thorpe. His native name was “Bright Path”. He was an American Indian from the Sac and Fox Nation. And he never quit. Enjoy these fall time products as hair conditioners, skin moisturizers, and/or beard balms today! 

2. The Long Shot

This all natural beard balm is the third in our series of beard balms that commemorate the sacrifice, sadness, courage, and catastrophe of The American Civil War. The Long Shot Beard Balm specifically highlights the very first battlefield sniper in American History, the Berdan Sharpshooter. These “Killers in Green” were the first to use camouflage in combat with their all green uniforms (they even replaced their brass buttons with black rubber ones). They oftentimes hid in the foliage during battle and took well-aimed shots (long shots) at the enemy. That’s why when we chose the scent profile for this product we went with top notes of green apple and red oak with mid and low notes of amber and musk wood. One smell of this and you will instantly be taken to the countryside on a cool, crisp October day. As with almost all of our all natural products this can be used not only as a beard balm, but also as a skin moisturizer and light holding pomade. 

3. Chapter 1

Bogeyman Beard Butter: Chapter 1 is…well, once you try it you will want to go swimming in it. Without going into all the details, the biggest difference between Lox’s beard balms and beard butters is beeswax. Our beard butters contain absolutely zero beeswax. This means that you won’t get much control over shaping your beard, however, it makes for our softest, creamiest, grooming product to date. Why is it in our fall picks? One smell will tell you why. Delicious green apple, dark peppermint, and refreshing eucalyptus are all blended together perfectly to give this (and you) an irresistible fragrance. 

4. Sleepy Slocum Hollow 

What is fall without Halloween? And what is Halloween without the American folklore of The Headless Horseman? Thanks to Washington Irving, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is an American classic that is just full of nostalgic (and spooky) feelings all related around fall time. If you want to know more then check out this video here. It explains why we named it Slocum Hollow and goes into details in the label. This styling cream is seasonal and limited so grab a jar of this Killer Pumpkin product and get all those pumpkin spice latte vibes you’ve been craving for all year long. 

5. Loxman Vintage Brushed Flannel

It’s flannel season! Lox currently offers just one flannel option, but it is guaranteed to be the only one you’ll want to wear this fall. There are so many cool details and reasons why you need one that we made a video. Check out Unloxed: Episode 10 as The Godfather covers all of them. We are working on offering more color options for next fall, but for now pickup this classic button down that will keep you warm, sharp, and savage. 

6. Clear Those Murder Holes!

The theme of this graphic tee (baseball tee to be exact) has nothing to do with fall… HOWEVER, it is a 3/4 sleeve tee and that makes it weather appropriate for this time of year. Besides, the theme of this graphic tee shirt is appropriate all year round. Find out all the reasons why in Unloxed: Episode 8

7. Lip Lox™ Lip Balm

Get lip locked with Lip Lox™! Yes, this time of year brings about the most use of that lip balm goodness as the crisp, dry air tends to chap those lips. Lox offers 4 different scent options and 2 different packaging options. Find them all here.

Well, we hope this list was helpful to you! Whether you’re out raking leaves, carving pumpkins, smashing mailboxes (wait, no), or dressing up at a Halloween party we hope that some of these items make an appearance in your autumn routine. If you’d like to see something in our lineup that compliments the season please let us know by emailing us at info@loxandcompany.com.