The Origin of Lox ♠

The Fundamentals

The experts say that the fundamentals to building a successful business is creating a solution to an existing problem. It’s funny, because I never really looked at my own business in that way. I mean I was entering a saturated market. What new solution was I bringing to the table that the thousands of other companies didn’t already offer? Well, when Lox pulled up a chair to the proverbial table it became quite evident that whatever it was, my competitors were petrified of it.

The Problem

In school, like almost all high schoolers, I used water based hair gel (and even hair spray) to style my hair. I had curly hair which, for whatever reason, was apparently a unique thing for a guy in my school. Some of the guys made fun of me for it (I’m assuming they were jealous) and some of the girls loved it (it feels really weird talking about this right now). My hair was an easy identifier for me in school. I remember one of my friend’s moms telling me at basketball games to “play like my hair was on fire”. Even now 15 years later it’s still pretty funny.

In my late twenties, still using water based gels, I began to collect “pomades”. (I use quotation marks around the word, because they were just glorified hair gels and not actual pomades.) It was at this time that I discovered the problem. Without drawing out the details in the enormously long list of reasons why water based gels are terrible for you, I’ll give it to you straightforward. I was discovering that the gels were not holding my hair in place all day long, they were drying out my scalp and hair, and whenever I tried to restyle my hair it would simply not work well at all. All that, and I have sensitive skin so my face would break out too.

I remember being highly disappointed. My really cool collection of “pomades” had become useless. There had to be another way.

The Solution

Thus began my in-depth research into pomades and grooming products. I discovered quickly that the most popular alternative to water based gels was oil based pomades. However, just as fast as I discovered oil based products, I also learned that the biggest complaints were that they were extremely difficult to washout, were not good at all for sensitive skin, and even ruined pillow cases (if you know, you know).

That’s when I stumbled upon what “the experts” call unorthodox oil based pomades. Essentially these products were made with all natural ingredients, and use beeswax as its primary holding agent. Immediately, I was drawn in by the all natural aspect. I won’t bog you down with the details, but if you don't know how Lox began this is it. I put together several recipes and began mixing, melting, and pouring. After multiple failed attempts, I finally got what I was looking for. My all natural pomade was easy to washout, held my hair in place all day long, restyled with ease, kept my hair strong, healthy, and soft, and was perfect for my sensitive skin and scalp.

The Call to Business

I was so thrilled to have created what I believed was so much better than anything else I had ever tried. Naturally, I wanted to share my pomade (and my excitement) with my friends and family. I handed out a bunch to my pals at work. By the end of the week I had people coming up to me who rarely spoke to me asking for some of my pomade, because they had heard how good it was. I was super pumped. I was happy to make more and give it away. I was just excited to make something that others enjoyed as much as I did. People were wearing it not only in their hair, but in their beards too. I knew I had something special, but I didn’t realize its potential until over and over again I was being faced with, “Are you going to sell this stuff? ‘Cuz I’ll buy some off you if you do.”

The rest, as they say, is history. The process and preparation that were involved into what was later known as Lox Hair Wax Company (and now Lox & Company, LTD) is a story for another time.

In Closing

So yeah, the experts aren’t entirely wrong. My business does offer a great solution to an existing problem. But so do other businesses right? Well, yes and no. In my research and in my experience I’ve learned that you do indeed need more than just a solution. Having a successful business requires two additional factors: a good product and good branding. Alas, I can dedicate another blog to these factors (and maybe I will at some point), but if you know Lox you know we’ve dominated our competition with epic branding and putting out good, nay, the best products in the grooming world.

Besides our grooming products, I also am so stoked to be focusing more on graphic tee shirts and apparel. Of course, this falls into more of the branding side of things, but it’s just so neat that I get to express my passions (and others’ passions) through a lifestyle brand and a business that started with just some beeswax and oils.

Lox & Company, LTD is here to stay. My vision for Lox exceeds even my own lifetime. I envision the company soaring to new heights generation after generation. And for those of you who boarded the Lox Train from the very beginning, you’ll be able to grow old with us and tell your children the story of how you first started using Lox products. 

- Godfather Out

Stay Sharp. Stay Savage.®