The Loxman Foulard Tie

The Loxman Foulard Tie

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Neckties date all the way back to the 1600's when Croatian mercenaries wore knotted neckerchiefs to protect against slash and stab assaults. U.S. General Sherman is even pictured wearing leather neckwear during the American Civil War. The history, evolution, and traction of this apparel accessory is rich and Savage--and that's why we dig it. Be the best dressed, most dangerous Loxman in the room with this Sharp necktie. This woven tie bears the "Loxman Spade" image, a symbol that pays homage to the Sharp looking Savage who is ready for action. 


  • Midnight Blue with Gold Droplets
  • Reppe Weave
  • Loxman Spade (Gold, White, and Black)
  • Adult Size
  • Micro-Polyester
  • Woven in England

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