5 Ways to Reuse Those Pomade Tins and Jars

If you live the sharp savage lifestyle, you may find yourself with the same issue I have. What am I going to do with all of those leftover pomade tins and jars? Maybe you like to collect them because the art is fantastic. Of course we could also easily just put them in the recycling bin. But wouldn't it be more prudent to reuse them at home versus throwing them to the curb?

If there is something I hate in life it is clutter. When anything is a mess it slows you down, and makes you really look less sharp, and we all know that looking dapper can be life changing (read about that here). Here are five ways to reuse those pomade tins that will help organize your life and how to prep them.

Fishing Gear

The first thing you can use the tins for is fishing gear. We all have those sinkers, small lures, or walleye blades that get sloshed around our tackle box whether it’s because it is bouncing around the trunk of our vehicle, or on the boat as we head out to our favorite spot. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending extra time digging through our tackle box trying to find what we need, while our fishing buddy thrashes his lures through the water, landing a fish and scaring away the rest. We’ve also all had that time where we opened up the box and a bunch of small things fall out. We waste time picking them off of the floor of the boat and digging them out of the grass while we could be relaxing and working the edge of the lake. After those tins have cleaned up your look, put them to work cleaning up your smallest tackle items.

Hunting Gear

It is also important to stay organized while hunting. The more things spilling around your field bag, the longer it takes you to get set up in the stand. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving late to the stand and missing that big buck or gobbler because we were digging through our gear bag.

There are several things that you could keep in these tins for your hunt. Maybe it is a set of mouth turkey calls. Perhaps it is some matches with the side of the match box glued to the tin lid for easy use. Other things like paracord or anything else that could become lost or tangled with the rest of your gear can be easily stored in these tins. Don’t miss that trophy over messy gear.

Change Jar

My buddy and I have often joked that all a married man really owns by himself in life is what's in his change jar. While it's easy to throw a mason jar on the counter or use a Lox EDP tray at home, but your vehicle is different. There’s nothing worse than having a bunch of change sloshing around your car and becoming a mess. Worse yet is being at a toll, digging for change, while people behind you are honking. A pomade jar can hold a surprising amount of change that will keep you scheduled and on point.


Whether you have a honey-do list or your own to do list, there are always projects to do around the house or apartment. We all would rather hit the lake, range, sit by the grill, or enjoy some hobby than spend all day doing these projects. The faster we accomplish those tasks, the quicker we can enjoy life. When I grab my tool box or bag, I love being able to quickly find what I need to get the job done. Small picture hanging nails, washers, and other hardware can become a mess, and cost us precious time on the weekend. Recycling my Lox Pomade tins keeps my tool box sharp.


Travel is becoming increasingly stressful these days. More airlines are charging a higher price to bring any extra luggage with you. All of us are trying to pack more things into our carry-on, which means that these travel bags can become a mess. Whether it be cash, medicines, or even earbuds, these durable tins keep stuff safe and in place.

How I Prepare My Tins

The last thing to consider is how to prepare your tins. No matter how much we try to use every last bit of goodness that Lox provides, there is always a little residue in the tins. A simple three step process helps us get them ready for dozens of reuses.

First, take a paper towel and wipe out as much product as you can. Second, pour some boiling water in to melt whatever wax is left behind and carefully pour it out. Last, hand dry the tin so that it does not develop any rust that could be transferred to lures, washers, or other metal objects you are storing in them.

What other uses do you have for your pomade tins? Is there another idea that you have which has nothing to do with anything we have listed above? If you are going to be organized, be organized in style with some great artwork.